ZEUS OCTO 8 Multicopter

ZEUS OCTO 8 Multicopter

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The Octocopter comes ready to fly. Just charge the battery, unfold arms, and it is ready to fly. UAV is manufactured from high strength materials, such as aerospace grade composites (carbon fiber, fiberglass, etc.) and metals (aluminum). Electronics are professionally determined for high accurate and high reliable flight envelope. It is one of the most powerful heavy lift octocopter in the market.

Flight Modes: Fully autonomous, semi-autonomous (Alt hold, self-stabilizing, etc), and manual flight mode.

UAV Weight (Including battery): 15 lbs

Max Payload: 25 lbs

Max Takeoff Weight: 40 lbs

UAV Size (L x W x H): 40” x 40” x 21”

Approx. Max Flight Time(without payload): 38 minutes

Approx. Max Flight Time(with 20 lb payload): 20 minutes

Max Wind Resistance: 23mph in gust/20mph in steady

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C

UAVs are able to carry a variety of devices, such as heavier movie quality cameras, industrial thermals optics, night imagining cameras, any other industrial sensors, and agricultural devices weighing under 25lb.

Included: (Includes everything required for flying.)
-         Ready to fly Heavy lift octocopter frame with retractable landing gears

-         8 x Motors

-         8 x Carbon Fiber Propellers 

-         8 x ESCs

-         GPS

-         Flight Controller

-         Canopy

-         10 ch. Radio Controller and charger

-         Mavlink Telemetry 915mhz

-         6s 30,000 mAh Battery 

-         Battery charger and required cables

- FPV Camera(Gopro)

- FPV video transmitting system(5.8ghz, works with IOS or Android Tablet)

We are a local company located at California, USA with highly skilled engineers, technicians, and pilots.  Final assembly of our UAVs are completed in California, USA. All UAVs are hand tested for flying 2 hours before it is shipped.

Our products usually shipped in 3 to 7 business days. Lipo battery will be shipped in a separate box with ground service shipping only. Transporting Lipo batteries with other shipment service is not allowed.

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